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Sew Powerful Dallas Chapter

Sew Powerful Purse Project
Sew My Dream Dallas Chapter
Sew Day At Dallas Designing Dreams
Sew Day At Dallas Designing Dreams
Sew Day At Dallas Designing Dreams
Carla in Zambia
Carla in Zambia

Sew My Dream - Sew Powerful Dallas Chapter

Since February 2022 Dallas Designing Dream has been the host studio for the Dallas Chapter of Sew Powerful.  Chapters are made up of volunteers who help make the purses for the girls in Zambia to carry their menstrual supplies. The purses are shipped by Sew Powerful to Zambia where they are filled  with menstrual supplies made by neighbor women and distributed to the girls during health class.

Dallas Designing Dreams Co-founder Carla Robertson serves as a Chapter leader and manager of Region 5. She has also traveled to Zambia to work with the seamstresses and help distribute the purses to the girls.  

How can you help?

  • Donate $10 to Sew Powerful to cover the cost of menstrual supplies and a stipend for Seamstresses  for one purse - click here

  • Donate fabrics such as Cotton, Denim, Web strapping, interfacing,....

  • Donate your time to make the purse at home or with a group in the studio. The chapter usually meets on the 2nd Sunday of each month, 2 - 4 pm at the Dallas Designing Dreams Studio - 214-421-9900 for more info

  • Donate to finance a trip to Zambia  2025 - TBA

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