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Southwest Airlines Repurpose with a Purpose Program

Golf Ball and Tee Holder

Become a Up - Cycling Builder

Turn A Southwest Airlines Seat Cover Into A Tote Bag

From Seat Cover To Backpack

Turning  Southwest Airlines Seat Covers Into 550 Golf Club Covers



Dallas Designing Dreams (Program developer and training) in partnership with Southwest Airlines Co. (provider of recycled leather and simulated leather) are collaborating to create a community Training Program that provides the necessary skills, marketing, templates and accountability for sustainability and future development.


Dallas Designing Dreams will: 

  • develop project managers from groups/organizations to teach skills to their members/volunteers to make various products with donated materials from Southwest Airlines.

  •  Train designated persons from each group/organization  on how to market their products using various social media outlets and video production.

  •  Develop product templates and encourage organizations to create their own templates after learning the process.


  • Community groups/organizations will learn new skills for producing products by up-cycling.

  • Community groups/organizations will have trained project managers to help sustain the program within their organization.

  • Southwest Airlines will develop a means for distributing their recyclable products by building a connection to the communities they serve.

  • Dallas Designing Dreams will expand its footprint to help show groups/organizations how to use recyclable products within their reach and create self-sustainability.


Dallas Designing Dreams desires:

  • To expand our training facility in order to make a greater impact in helping communities develop marketable skills.

  • Create a program that has a long legacy for generations to come.

  • Develop a team of trainers that will take the knowledge they have and pay it forward to the next person or group.

  • Create a program and marketing template that can be duplicated throughout the country.

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